About The Author

First off, I’m a Christian.  I’m also a young woman with her first child on the way.  I do have a background in writing, Christian ministries, and bad life choices.  I like to think I have something intelligent to say about current attacks on the Christian religion.  However, our society also elected a man who campaigned in, “fifty-seven states, with one left to go,” so our country’s standard of intelligence isn’t exactly set very high.

I have a passion for bringing people together.  Not in the harmonious, “tolerant” way most people are trying to use now, but in the, “stop fighting against each other and start fighting for God” way.  I don’t believe anyone is even capable of a perfect understanding of Christianity, so I don’t believe anyone has all of the answers.  I do believe, however, that your relationship with God is your responsibility, and yours only.

The chronic defection from the church is astounding.  Lots of people are blaming it on Christianity as a whole, but it’s simply not true.  Your decision to abandon the faith, and jump ship on God, will only affect you on Judgement Day.  God will not accept, “But they were too commercialized!” as a reason for you to ditch your Bible and set up camp in your neighbor’s wife’s bed.

Unfortunately, we as Christians have been baited into so many false arguments in our country, that we are failing to see what we are doing to ourselves.  While we spend our time fiercely commenting on articles about gay marriage and abortion, and attacking people who disagree, we are missing opportunities to show our religion as forgiving and loving.

We are playing right into Satan’s hands when we call Atheists moronic, or label pro-choice activists as murderers.  Let’s not forget Paul’s past.  Everyone can be forgiven, loved, and renewed.  However, if we are too distracted by defending ourselves that we forget to swallow our pride and encourage others in love, then we may as well hand people over to the devil.

There is great confidence in knowing that you are doing the work of a God capable of destroying the earth with a breath.  With that confidence comes humility in knowing that there is no part of you that can physically make a difference.

Remember, there was no man who deserved to redeem Himself more than Jesus.  He was ridiculed, tortured, and humiliated.  With one word, He could have made every knee bow and humbled every human being on earth.  Instead, He set aside His pride, and let God’s will be fulfilled through Him.  If we are truly to be followers of Christ, we must strive to do the same.

That is why I write this blog.  It is to serve as encouragement to Christians who, in a time of harsh ridicule, it is more important than ever to remain humble.  Humility is exhausting, and can seem unrewarding.  Hopefully this community can act as a reprieve, and a reminder that you are not alone.

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts.  I am always encouraged by a little debate, and a new way to view things.  Please, just keep it respectful.


4 Responses to About The Author

  1. Michael S. Osborn says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I watch a lot of news on TV, mostly FOX news and am really sick of all the hatred in the world and always having to be so PC.


    • sydbosque says:

      The news depresses me every day. I can’t believe how far our country has fallen. Political correctness is not exactly something I believe in. I strongly believe in loving others, but I also believe in calling it like it is. Thank you for feedback!


  2. Hi sydbosque, thanks for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.


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